Jan 16, 2014

Hello 2014 & 30days


Selamat Tahun Baru.. 
today baru berkesempatan nk say Happy New Year. Lotsa things happen on 2013 and I achieved some dreams. I'm happily married to the man that I love. Alhamdulillah. But we can't assume everything will goes fine till end. Its about my health..ohh I'm healthy now..but just a slight TEST from Allah s.w.t to me & my hubby is my Ectopic Pregnancy. We accept it and we will try for the best.. Insyallah. 
What else yaa...  Haaa 2013 also do a big changes in my job career.. and now its already 30days with my current company. The environment is totally different from my previous job. I like my job also my office-mate. They all very helpful..Alhamdulillah. So now I'm drafting my 2014 journey.. I need to do it.. My dream is I want to beside my hubby that means I'm seeking for another jobs. :) .
I'm A Job Seeker.