Nov 22, 2012

Aqiqah my nephew.. Muhammad Iman Fawwaz!

Last Sunday 18/11/12 was my nephew ceremonies which is Aqiqah + Cukur jambul.. It was a last minute plan by his Ibu and Abi. Glad i already arrange my leave earlier so i managed to join the ceremony at my hometown Kota Baru. The ceremony went well.. the food was awesome.. super delicious Kuzi Kambing. 
For 'Buaian Berendoi' decoration was done by Ibu Iman herself.. for buaian i borrowed it from my friend Elle..Thanks dear... Save money! hehe

Ohh My November!

Many things happen. Sad+Shock.. also Happy+blessed. The sad things is for the first time I involve in car accident. Shock when it was my wrongdoing while driving. I bumped the other car... DAMN!!!
 Hurmm well.. yes it was all my fault, I am so careless. Glad that the car owner not a hot tempered person plus he is underage boy.. hahahahaa I am glad. After negotiate blaa blaa with him.. we decided to make a police report and do the insurance claim. Now I miss  my "cikgaga".. she warded for 2weeks. Hope to get my car as soon as possible. Im blessed because I still can go to my other activities with bro in law kenari's. Thanks to him.. also thanks  to all my office mate who helped me toward this matter on 10.11.12 evening!
I will always remember the date.. such a beautiful date with a tragedies.

other memories is on deepavali.. hope everything went well. Insyallah