Dec 27, 2010

4days more 2011

Less than a week to new I already satisfied what I already got for this year? What are my wishes for 2011...? overall I already got what i want for this year... a ladies..marriage is a I looking forward to married next year... but with who?hahahaha we'll see aight....hmm as a worker.I want to shift to new a daughter..I want to ease my family burden...

- That all for now-

Ladies on Sunday

It's great if all the ladies can get along together ... do some gossiping..compliment(hehe) ..asking...answering..
Anyway HappY Belated Birthday to Lydiana & Balqis..wish both of u "CEPAT KAWEN" u guys... juju, ony the jewelry, jaa the master student, aimee the dentist..muaxxx

Dec 25, 2010

Jang Geun suk /Jang Geun Seok / Jang Keun Suk

 video showing how far did Jang Geun Suk have been in his career.

Am I really into him...??hehe...absolutely....I watch every drama and movie casting by him... its start from Baby and Me Movie. He's really beautiful .... My favorite drama is You are beautiful..I love his voice....he is so talented on music and casting... his smile+voice make my heart melt.....auwwwwwwww   .. SarangHaeyoo sukkie...

Let's sing a song... la la la la~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You're Beautiful OST

Goodbye by JANG GEUN SUK

Dec 24, 2010

GooD day is everyday...

I want to make myday is a lovely day..everyday!!!!

Dec 9, 2010