Jun 8, 2014

Thirty 1


I'm turning to 15+6+10.
Yes another long year and another number added to my age, but still great to hear the prayers and the wishes. A simple celebration made from my sista make my day cheerful even tough my love is not here with me. Will meet him this week. 

Thank You Allah.

 Surprised kek from Sista!

Jun 2, 2014

1st Anni-vacation

Langkawi Trip.



Today I want to share my current addiction Variety Show other than Running Man is Roommates !

The Roommates consists of  singers, actors/actresses, comedians, models, and martial artists who have little reality and variety program experience is expected to create new undiscovered characters and laughter. The show features eleven celebrities living together in a share house, sharing common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and washrooms, as well as household tasks. The celebrities include Park Chan Yeol (EXO), Hong Soo Hyun (History of a Salary Man), Jo Se Ho (Comedian), Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King, Scent of a Woman), Lee So Ra (Model), Na Na (After School), Park Bom (2NE1), Park Min Woo (Flower Boy Ramen Shop), Seo Kang Joon (5urprise, Sly And Single Again), Shin Sung Woo (Beating Heart), and Song Ga Yeon (MMA Ring Girl).

I'm Addicted. 

I'm watching The Roommates via http://kshowonline.com/ 
Happy Watching Guys!