Apr 15, 2014


I just finished watching Emergency Couple... such a good drama and of course I choose romance & comedy genre drama. Female leads by my ACE Song Ji Hyo as 
 Oh Jin Hee from running man. and the actor lead by Choi Jin-Hyuk as Oh Chan Min. This is the 1st drama that I watched lead by Choi Jin-Hyuk. I guess already fall for him. I love how he smile.. ! Im melting.. Oppsss sorry Sukkie. This drama is about couple of student that totally in love rush into marriage. But when they live under the same roof, they encounter too much problem. Their marriage also don't blessed by Chan Min mother since Jin Hee not come  from medical family. The marriage end within a year. Chan Min left Jin Hee and run to states to continue his unfinished medical studies. 6years later they accidentally meet again at hospital where they work as intern together. What happened with this ex-marriage couple?

I like where Gary apperances as a substitute driver when Jin Hee was totally drunk. Ohh I like this Monday Couple. It's a must watch drama.



Ohooooo dah lama xtak update blog. Sbb kekangan masa atau kekangan access internet.
Actually aku dah bekerja tempat baru. last company just for 2mos. But why? SEBAB aku bukan org bandaraya. Aku sukar adpat dgn jammed tiap2 pg. so kt company baru sudah 2bulan. So far so good.. and aku masuk kerja shift semula. but this time 4 days working..4 days Off. HEAVEN right? nak bercuti kemana2 pom boleh..just get ready the Money.Some my old colleges pun ade kt company skrang.. so I still feels happy wokring. But can't compare with my old one. Scan tetap dihati.
Cepat betul masa berlalu.. now dah mid April. Ohh lg 2bulan nk puasa..then Raya..Then pejam celik pejam celik msk tahun lain. Nothing special happen right now. Just live my life normally.. PJJ ( perkahwinan jarak jauh). How i wish to stay closer.